Semen and blood offerings the life force

today I did a ritual wherein I asked Azazel what do you need from me and he said give me semen and so I did… question is when a spirit asks for part of you like semen or blood offerings what does it do and how does it give you power…


I’ve been told it’s like jizzing on your partners leg… does nothing but make a mess. A least 6 magi told me that.

Blood… I get different opinions.


Semen has its place as an offering, same as blood. It is traditionally used in love/lust/sex magick.

Some sexual entities, such as Lilith, have been known to request it. In that case it is placed upon the entity’s seal, in the same way blood is used.

There is also Cowley’s famous Elixir, which is the commingled fluids of the magician and his lover, charged through ritualized sex, and then placed under the tongue and absorbed. It is said to be quite empowering.


so why would Azazel ask for it any idea


@LucifugeAzazel At so many places it is mentioned that semen is intoxicating to Kali.

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Well, King Paimon did call Azazel a whore so…:man_shrugging:

My guess is that he wanted it because he’s tired of always being offered blood and it was a refreshing change. It does serve the same purpose as blood in ritual, after all :joy:


pfff well Azazel is a whore I’m surprised Azazel isn’t king of the succubus demons by now sex is his trait…