Selling your soul for the prosperity of mankind

Humans are blinded and their powers are taken away from them.

They are being decieved into thinking that life is about working 8 hours a day, being paid less than they deserve and being grateful for the opportunity to do so.

This is not the path, I want humans to be aware of who they are, to start evolving and to start seeking knowledge and truth.

I imagine a world where people will no longer hate each other, where people will respect nature, integrate in it and acknowledge its power. I imagine a world of fine taste and beauty, where people should never be ashamed of who they are, where there will be no more stupidity, ignorance or jealousy.

My purpose here, is to save humanity and put it back on its way.

So I ask now, is it possible for me to sell my soul to whoever it takes, just to see my dream materialize?



And who do you think you are? “Save humanity and put it back on its way?” Let me guess…it’s your way…

Sorry, ain’t gonna happen.


You can’t “sell” your soul, but you can devote to a cause or concept. The soul is the atom of the individual. It is the most basic and indivisible part of the self. You exist beyond this identity, but there is a point where words like ‘you’ and ‘self’ lose their meaning.

That vision of humanity is the dream. That’s the goal of every human soul. It’s easy to forget ourselves and become slaves to our bodies. We imagine the struggles of survival and dominance playing out on spiritual planes. Lots of spiritualists are like high schoolers who think that who they are now is who they will always be. They think that money power and respect mean something in the eye of eternity.

In the end, we all get stripped


Messiah complex much? That’s the dream of many black magicians. As well as many spirits who are invested in the evolution of mankind. So selling your soul to who exactly? The spirits I mentioned above wouldn’t want your soul and selling it to them would be like thanking someone for doing what they were going to do anyway. Your dream can be accomplished without the selling of your soul. It’s being accomplished as we speak.


I will give you 3.50 for it.

Seriously though, if that was that easy we would have had it by now and we would all be making Daisy chains and dancing around the meadow. But it doesn’t. Not without a group effort and a hell of a lot of hard work. No being can or would do this for you. As the old adage goes “be the change you wish to see in the world”. Manifest your own potential and leave everyone else to do the same.


Sell your soul to humanity and dedicate your life to serving them.

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Messiah complex? What so someone who wants to help humanity has a complex?


Let the gatekeepers take care of this, bro.


It’s a messiah complex because it sounds like he thinks selling your soul is the only way to achieve this feat.


Interesting point.

Ascension isn’t entirely selfish. If you bring yourself up your energy is effecting humankind as a whole. We don’t live in a bubble or a vacuum. Ripple effects will happen you will see it.

It’s like when people say they don’t vote because it doesn’t make a difference. If enough people say that then well that’s less votes. Then they want to complain the person they hated won. You can’t do nothing and then complain about the results.

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Frankly, I don’t really care, the unthinking majority is not my concern, and in my eyes, are little more than cannon-fodder.

And like said before: “save” yourself first!
First make yourself powerful, it not means have lots of money and stuff like that, because if your mind is powerful enough, you can bring powerful people to help you with your ideals!

You will be surrounded by people that have the same vision then you, and your work begins!
Why to try to change the entire world, when so many may be crying desperate all next to you, at your own city?
Begin small, do the things you find right around you, and your soul will be already working in it!
You wants to free the world, in exchange of enslaving your soul?
How to give freedom if you can’t have it yourself?

And, like many here, i don’t believe in “selling souls” so …


Eh I think quite a few of us here have big plans, but dammit man don’t sell anything so previous for these bastards, ascend in power and sort them out using your own power! :muscle: