Selling Soul. It's real?

hello :slight_smile:could you introduce yourself first please

They have done that already.

Is everything all right now?

Probably no one knows how to do it :disappointed:

Нет, это не реально.

Первоначально люди привыкли полагать, что любая магия означает, что вы отвергли Иисуса Христа, а это значит, что вы принадлежите дьяволу и отправитесь в ад.

Поэтому они назвали это ради того, чтобы сделать его простым, а также некоторые люди заключили бы пакт с дьяволом.

если бы был один пакт, который мог бы исправить все, мы бы все это сделали, а не потрудились публиковать здесь!

Реальная магия требует от вас приобретения власти, самообладания и создания хороших отношений с духами в течение определенного периода времени.

нет ни одного пакта, чтобы все исправить, и пытаясь найти одного, тратит ваше время.

Любой пакт, который вы подписываете, чтобы продать свою

No, it is not real.

Originally, people used to believe doing any magic meant you had rejected Jesus Christ, which mean that you belonged to the devil and would go to hell.

So they called it this for the sake of making it simple and also, some people would make pacts with the devil.

if there was one pact which could fix everything, we would all just do that and not bother posting here!

Real magic needs you to acquire power, self-mastery, and create good relationships with spirits over a period of time.

There is no one pact to fix everything, and trying to seek one wastes your time.

Any pact you sign to sell your soul is like being a foolish young person selling their body, but if you sell your soul you will have no right to choose what happens after that moment.


Я разместил на форуме всю тему об этом, и многие люди внесли свой вклад.

если вы хотите найти это, я не могу помочь, и, возможно, других людей не будет, потому что большинство из нас здесь, чтобы получить БОЛЬШЕ силу и не отдавать власть и право даже владеть нашими собственными душами!

I posted a whole thread on the forum about this and many people contributed.

if you wish to seek this I cannot help and maybe other people won’t as well, because most of us are here to get MORE power and not give away power and the right to even own our own souls!


my bad :slight_smile:

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Who is familiar with the symbols that I have in the photo? it is written he fulfills the desire.

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Места нет)

Я не понимаю, извините?

Я нахожусь на компьютере, который заблокирован javascript, и использование Google Translate осложняется этим для меня прямо сейчас.

Лучше всего сделать следующее:

Что ожидать:

Daemons have no use for your soul.
I’d say the only Entity that seems to collect them is Yahwa and it doesn’t seem to do his followers any good.


I hope someday pride in me will wake up :stuck_out_tongue: :grin:

I have no money.

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More in detail please

Daemons seem to thrive on interaction; on us using energy with them. They have said many would prefer to visit our world. This is where it happens, the only place you can become a god.

A human soul doesn’t change anything for them but we as Operators do. It would be counter productive to take something the Operator needs and therefore keep him/her from being able to ascent.

Yahwa or the Christian God, is the one that harvests souls then locks them away in “the clouds” keeping them from being a part of the cycle and ascending.


I am Yahweh :joy:
It’s a bit strange.

Nothing surprises me, we had the angel Gabriel complaining he’s now a magnet for cats last night.


Then you should be able to speak in tongues and not need Google translate. :stuck_out_tongue:


In my experience of signing a literal contract to sell my soul to my uncle, I’ve discovered that we aren’t things. We are infinite, omniversal consciousness. To have soul is to be harmonious and ‘in the flow’. Many people are soulless zombies hypnotized by Beelzebubs psycho-social trance. I give a good bit of my soul to my uncle but I also give a lot to many other people, places, and things… You could see it as a river that eventually returns to the sea, or is distilled through rain, we all come from the same pool and we all meld and mix back into to it in the end. Everything that exists is eventually destroyed and distributed throughout the universe over time to contribute to many different new formations of things. No one can control that many variables to where your soul goes

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