Selling Online

Can anyone recommend what you do to successfully sell online? Is there a
spell or evocation that works for you? My experience selling online is hit or miss.

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Before listing I would complete a ritual for prosperity, success and luck. I have had varied results.

I would employ a basic and easy ritual. I employed 3 or 9 green candles empowering the focus of 3 or 3x3 and green for growth symbolizing prosperity, currency, luck. On the pentagram i placed symbols of the euro and dollar signs as well as the Roman god of fortune to the center of my alter. The personification of luck in Roman religion.

I used a simple offering of green tea leaves, green ivy, and a small icon a green eagle symbolizing freedom and growth.

There are no guarantees in life or business however, with some self empowerment and determination it might help your sales.

I know some create an servitor or thoughtform that helps ring in positive business and sells.

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Try this

Magickal Riches has a 3 day selling ritual , I won’t say much , it works !

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Try a success ritual on a Thursday. Thats Joves (Jupiter) day. Jupiter is the planet of wealth and abundance. If you dont want to wait for a Thursday, try to aim for the hour of Jupiter.

Good Luck

Thanks for sharing. I have done several candle spells to sell a large item. The spells seemed to have ignored this item and instead I sold 2 items that were on the web for 3 years to the same buyer.

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Fate and magic have much in common, it is always the last thing you expect or the person you least expect.

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