Selling my shit, I need a ritual

I am in need of a ritual that would help sell my items. I have some items on FB marketplace that I suspect are victim of sabotage of my energy and abundance. Anyone knows a ritual I can do to help delete those influences? or help me sell my items? I am looking for a prayer or incantation or something.

If you can sense the energy of an item you can confirm whether they are influencing you in such a way for sure. If they are you simply wipe the energy clear and set it to a blank slate. Check out some instructions on psychometry and cleansing objects.

I am not very experienced in clearing items from intentionally added negative energy, but I suspect cleansing and consecrating like you would any new ritual tool might help.

If you rather want to get rid of them and be sure they will sell.
You can probably just use a simple sigil and petition type of ritual for any wealth-magick spirit (like Bune or Clauneck). You can add to it by consecrating and using green candles, offering coins, burning “wealth” incense or herbs like cinnamon, basil, aloeswood etc.
Or a more extensive wealth ritual, if you wish, using stuff like a money jar, lodestones etc.

Since you intent to sell it on an online market place… You might also be successful when either combining above with the following or just the following: Chanting “Xaturing” (the deity/ egregore/ Worm of the internet) or even vibrate a hymn to Xaturing while using an online intention repeater for your preferred intention/ petition.

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A great thank you my friend! I will do use this Hymn. Thank you all for responding to my post.

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