Selling a property

Hi I’m going to be shortly putting my one bed flat on the market for sale, what be the best demon/Angel to help me sell it quick and for as near to the asking price. Any suggestions I would be very greatly appreciated

Buy a St. Joseph statue and bury it upside down at the front of your property. Works like a charm .

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Ooh, I haven’t heard of this one before! Can you go into more detail?

My family, Christians and Catholics have done this for years! It works like a charm. They even sell kits online with a little prayer to say, but basically you just state that you want the house to sell in X amount of time


Wow thanks for that, seems really interesting, the only problem is the front of my flat is concrete I live on the ground floor, however there is a strip of earth between me and my next door neighbour

The Saint Joseph statue works like a dream

St Joseph worked for me a few years back too, full asking price, bids from the first day on mkt. If you don’t have a yard you can put him in a potted plant at your door. Be sure to dig him up after you have a contract signed then keep him on display somewhere in your home, supposedly he can cause problems with the closing if you don’t.

Also, I don’t think he’ll be much help determining if the sell of your home or the market will be good for you. Example, if I had held off selling for 6months I would’ve made a lot more, values shot up considerably in that time. But I didn’t have much choice at the time and he did as I asked.