Self-Transmutation Sigil for Beginners

Hello all! I have seen many a new practitioner on the forum as of late and have decided to give back in one fell swoop. Thus, I have constructed a sigil for aid in magickal growth.

The sigil has been programmed with three functions:

  1. To reveal/release limiting beliefs.
  2. To answer all inquiries about magick.
  3. To manifest the exact assistance you need right now to grow as a magician.

The sigil has already been charged. All you need to do is approach the sigil ready for change.

Without further ado, here is an image of the sigil:

Good luck and have fun!



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You’re welcome!

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I’d really be interested in hearing the experiences with this, this is a pretty good idea.


Awesome! I’ll draw it out once I get home, thanks!

What exactly do i need to do? Draw it myself and meditate about it?

I’m so sorry to ask this since I’m new to chaos magick , I’m quite not sure how to use this sigils do I have to consecrate and then activate the siglo? And with what intentions should I do it?

You can draw it by hand or you can redraw it in your mind. Whichever way feels the most effective for you.

It’s alright to ask. The sigil has already programmed, charged, and activated. What you are doing is tapping into the power of the sigil and allowing the energy to work within you.

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