Self Transformation

What up, this is my first official post on here since I joined yesterday. Glad to be part of an active community of Magicians and Occultists😈 As an independent practitioner of the dark arts, my main focus has been on Luciferianism, following the formulae of Liberation, Illumination, and Apotheosis. I started off working low sorcery with Ahriman and His Daevas and saw significant success. However, it seems Angra Mainyu has redirected my focus to higher forms of Magick geared towards self transformation. At the moment, I am preparing to work with the Watchers/Fallen Angels starting with Azazel—specifically his mask as lord of the forge. I am open to suggestions and tips on how to approach him from fellow sorcerers who have worked with the Dark Lord already⚡️


Welcome to the forum.

Much appreciated

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