Self Reflection Before Evocation

I wanted to post this because I see the constant questions with new practitioners of who they should work with. Don’t get me wrong I was asking same questions not long ago but I found some reflection to help answer these questions.

The biggest concern in evoking is having the spirit turn on you. Completely understandable seeing these are powerful entities, and it is not a bad thing to proceed with caution. The answer to that question is not easy because everyone is different. So here is a very simply thing a beginner or expert can do proceeding forth in the occult. Make a brutally honest self evaluation.

Do you have biases?
What are your flaws?
What are your values?
How committed and invested are you?
What do you fear?
What do you want changed and why can’t you do it?
Honestly as a person at this time how would you describe yourself?
What are your intentions?
Most importantly do you think you’re right about most things?

Now there are no wrong answers this is to give you a baseline. Last question do you think you’re right if you believe demons are evil and you’re right about it maybe don’t go in judging. Read both sides of the stories if you’re afraid still that is ok. You can be afraid and reach out to demons they understand the stigma but just have respect and an open mind ask their story. I personally recommend Lucifer as a good start for those a little scared. He actually to me acts like Jesus is depicted very kind, warm, paternal really. I know when I first made contact I almost shit my pants and he was understanding. Just keep your mind open.

Biases which ties into your character, so this will help determine who you may not harmonize with at the time. This is where brutal honesty is so important one example if you’re a male and masogionistic, pro life, and don’t view woman as equal evoking Lilith would not be good. Especially if you’re trying to do it strictly for sexual pleasure she is about equality for women very kind and loving but can be a nightmare from what I hear. Now this doesn’t mean you can never work with Lilith and I am not saying it means you must be pure. She is about sexual liberation you can be a “player” but say you sleep around and tell women what they may want to hear in terms of relationship to get them to have sex that is not fair. If you’re to be sexually free you must be upfront about that and not hold down or deceive them. This means they’re also to be sexually free as well I know when I was younger I was guilty of it if this is how you’re change it before evoking Lilith. Honesty and intent is a big foundation to how demons treat you. Remember they can see through you if you’re that slick kudos.

Do you’re homework on who you wish to work with. Take King Belial for example he is very driven and sort of like a coach or sensei. I have never worked with him but some say he can be like a professor with a ruler. This is not a bad thing know in working with along Belial he demands respect, commitment, and does not like excuses. If you struggle with authority figures, are arrogant, lazy, or simply don’t feel ready for that relationship best not call upon King Belial. For example he is killing the tobacco industry many of his students here are quitting so if you’re not ready to give up vices you should hold off. Granted Belial means well and wants to help but you still have to do the work and he does not want his time wasted. Remember demons have emotions and personalities like us.

When reaching out to any entity humble yourself, show respect and offerings are good but what is really important is your intent. I have been working with Lucifer for a while I have only given offerings two times he told me our work together is free he just wants to help me succeed. Now this won’t be the same with everyone but just goes to show you could have the best offerings but if you’re going in thinking you can but your power you’re dead wrong. There is a reason no one is knocking on doors spreading the word of Demons these entities are investing their time and effort.

When you’re working with a demon

It must be annoying for them and I was guilty of this too. Do not overthink every interaction it can be hard these are divine entities and you will really care about their opinion. However don’t overthink it if you can’t reach them one day or if they’re upset with you or not. They have emotion as well and believe it or not are busy too. Think of evocation as a phone call they may not always pick up. I was confused one day when I called Lucifer and Azazel answered I asked on BALG if this is normal which it is. Azazel works with Lucifer so he sent him to answer me because he was busy maybe watching Game of Thrones or something. Azazel was very nice and helpful I have also even had members of his legion come forth. Even had no answer just don’t take it personal. They have lives in their astral plane. When you have these thoughts of oh shit do they not like me did I make them mad do another self evaluation. This will help you discover some other development you need so when you do reach them you can get to the point of what you need.

This is something all entities like to see remember you are doing the work they’re helping. Try and evoke when you have a reason, if you want to thank them just leave an offering or even just chant out even in your mind thank you. They will feel the gratitude, no need to have them travel. When you don’t overthink your interaction you build an organic rapport. My relationship with Lucifer has taken a great form when I stopped overthinking. It is not uncommon for Lucifer to eventually just smile, nod, sometimes shines his light in blessing and walk away without saying goodbye or anything. The reason is we have developed an unspoken communication when he stops answering and leaves that means he wants me to figure it out or an example he has shown me paths and spirits and I asked which to take. Classic Lucifer smiles shines his light gives strength and walks away. That means I have to decide for myself. This has turned to him being a paternal spiritual figure so I only evoke when I have a questions about guidance of the bigger picture.

Evaluating yourself periodically helps you find answers I find it goes easier when you ask I have drawn this conclusion what do you think? As opposed to what do I do? Do some leg work.

Now another thing you see is people being worried they pissed off their guide. Considering their power understandable but keep calm. This is a relationship and not far different from a human one. You may piss each other off sometimes you may make a bone headed mistake and make your demon mad. They know you’re human and will make mistakes. As long as they’re honest mistakes and you’re not trying to hurt them they will get over it and understand. Just keep in mind like people they have emotions and have every right to feel them if you pissed off your entitie by misunderstanding don’t assume you’re going to be cursed and banished. That just makes them feel more hurt because that is not who they are as a matter a fact you’re treating them the way they have for most of time. Like a friend or SO apologize and let them feel angry and work through it. They have feelings too so respect them.

So evaluate this how do you interact with your friends and family. Are you empathetic? Do you compromise? Can you admit a mistake or do you get defensive?

This will help you find spirits that you may clash with.

I know this was more an article but wanted to get it out there.


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