Self Love spell

Exactly as the title is, looking to love myself again and quit being too hard on myself. Without loving myself, is it possible to love others?
So, there is the question, what sort of spells are best used for loving yourself (again)? Petitiion spells?


Lilith and Het Heru can teach you how to love yourself


Who is Het Heru?

I don’t think you’ll have much luck with a simple spell. You’re looking outward, when you should be looking inward.

Getting there is a process, and one made harder by trying to drag yourself out of your own negative mind set.

I don’t have a spell because I think this is something that can be more easily resolved with working yourself. Just asking for help like that means you are already taking a step forward. Have you tried shadow work at all? Maybe creating Bardon-esque like Soul Mirrors? Try to find out WHY you dont like yourself. Then work to change those things. Be mindful of how you talk to yourself. It takes dedication and commitment, and the building of new habits and out with old ones that don’t serve you. Just like magick.

Spirits and otherworldly beings CAN help you come to realizations, but you have to walk the path. I believe I posted about how Glasya Labolas helped me come to terms with a death that I didn’t even know was weighing so heavily on my mind.


Great advice, appreciate it.




Thanks, will chat with them.

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I was just thinking about a self love spell again, and found this via search. I am currently trying to do a self inventory, and later use a technique to transform vices to virtues.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Oh oh I can answer this one!!

Okay so I recently got back into my skincare routine and I made up a ritual to “enchant” the items in the routine. As always the following was personalized to me, and you can add/subtract whatever makes sense to You.

What I did was:

  • pink rose petals (fresh from the grocery store)
  • dried hibiscus (from tea bags I had)
  • a small heart-shaped rose quartz from an Etsy candle
  • Himalayan pink salt
  • tap water

I boiled the above, minus the rose quartz, and blasted my favorite music that made me feel happy and confident. Confidence is key, baby!! Sing along. Dance. Yass QUEEN.

Strained it out, let it cool down, and then put it in a spray bottle.

Gathered all my skincare items on my desk altar and surrounded them with pink chime candles, and smeared oil from Art of the Root on the candles. I believe it was Strawberry Kisses. Also smeared the oil on the rose quartz heart.

Keeping my playlist going, lit the candles, danced around more and told the skincare items exactly what they’re supposed to do. Bring forth the BEST ME POSSIBLE, let’s fuckin go!

After all that and the candles burned down, use the items as directed, and I keep the lil heart in my wallet so it’s always with me as a reminder that I’m an awesome bitch, and put forth an aura of “don’t fuck with me”.

Hope this helps :heart:

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Oh shit I forgot also. With the stuff in the spray bottle - I do a lil spritzy spritz in my general area whenever I feel like I need it.

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I second Hathor

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