Self Introduction

Hello. My name is Evangeline, and I am from the midwest in the United States. It is a pleasure to be here.

I have no education with peers over magic, and I have come to this place to see the opinions and discussions taking place here. I have empath/clairsentient traits that left me rather vulnerable before I started my studies to start basic protection magick only a few years ago that started my journey. I am of Luciferian in ideology to my very core. I am merely a beginner to intermediate level working to nurture and develop my own empathic abilities with a particular interest in angels and nature. I enjoy seeing the ideologies and practices of others.
Forgive me if I ever use the incorrect terms for anything, I am still learning.

It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

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Apologies, almost forgot, but I am female. Though I could care less how I am referred to.

Thank you for doing an introduction, and welcome!

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Thank you for reminding me to do one.

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Hey Evangeline,

Welcome and your introduction is appreciated. I am also making may way into Magick!

Regarding protection Magick, what have you found out that works for you?

Hello Ofidio, nice to meet you!!

Also I had a very specific case for needing it, I was getting many physical attacks over the night and bouts of sleep paralysis/weakness. Kind of like a spiritual parasite. It was actually parts of this forum of people having similar experiences that helped me out of this, notably this post was a good starting point for me: Incubus attacks? I'm getting real tired of this shit - #11 by valkarath , as well as other posts from valkarath in that thread. I know there was a few more I looked at, but it would take some digging!

I found what worked for me for my situation was invoking Lucifer (as I often do to bolster light energy within myself for whatever purpose I currently need to use it) and focusing on either where I was being touched or where I could feel my energy was being sapped at during an attack, it helped to visualize blocking it off and radiating one’s own light to push them away. Preventatively, it also helped to cleanse the room with a few prayers to/invocations of Lucifer from time to time, and small individual protection prayers done with relics around my place of sleep. I tend to have to use an object to focus my energy, so having little relics of gems, stones or bones helps me out.

Thanks for the sharing.

I will do some digging myself :smile: