Self initiation and pacts

Hi all!

I’m wondering what self initiation or pacts that can be made or done.

Any tips, rituals, experience would be appreciated!

And I’ve never had the opportunity to see one manifest or to hear one. Any tips would reallllly be appreciated! Thank you !!


I can’t give u any great rituals, but you don’t really need one(unless I’m wrong haha), if you really want one I saw a couple on YouTube if u research.

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Ohh what the fuck am I talking about u know more shit than I do, eh my post still works for noobs

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Vk jehannum has some phenomenal initiation rituals.


E.a has the gatekeeper ritual

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I would like to know!

Yes yes, I’ve been reading on him and the rituals!

I’ve done gatekeeper rituals before but I would need to check out his gatekeeper rituals, could be very different. Thank you!

youre fine with no initiation unless you want to join a specific branch of the Lhp

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This may help Initiation Pact with Demon Asmodeus – Ars Goetia Demons