Self-hypnosis for evocation

Hello, everyone. I recently had an idea…
But I need someone to help me know if it’s going to work or not… I had the idea to do a self-hypnosis with anchor to get into the altered state necessarily to perform an evocation… My idea is to use this anchor for the moment of evocation…

What do you think of the idea???
Can someone help me develop this idea?

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Yes. It’s been done.

Christopher Penczak, in his book Instant Magick, uses a trigger to take you into the Alpha state so you can perform magick.

I think there is also a thread on self hypnosis that covers anchors as well though I’m not sure.

The state achieved by your anchor, or trigger, will be very light at first, but the more you practice and use it, the deeper the trance state will become.

Essentially, the technique boils down to getting yourself into trance via a countdown or whatever method you prefer, and, once the state has stabilized, make your anchor/trigger and as you do so, tell yourself something along the lines of, “this is my magical trigger. Every time I make this gesture, I will immediately drop into this state where magic happens.” Repeat the statement at least three times, and then bring yourself out of trance. Make the gesture, and you should go back into trance, though not as deep. If you do not, repeat the procedure to program the trigger/anchor.


NLP can help too. Similar but easier than hypnosis


Doing so I’m just going to get to the trance??
My idea was to go beyond, to make an anchor for Rapture

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Once you move deep enough into the Theta Gamma Sync to get to the Rapture state, you’re not going to be thinking consciously anymore, so you will be unable to program an anchor at that point.

The best you can do, in my opinion, is to program the anchor for Theta, and then practice with it enough that you can get into a deep Theta state, and then practice staying in that state long enough to trigger Gamma, which will bring you to rapture.


Bro did you made any progress with your theory? if so what did you do and which steps?