Self healing results. (Testing a new method)

Y’all may or may not know, i don’t like to post pictures. But i am doing this to demonstrate a result.

I practice and test all methods I suggest and recommend. Today I am showing the results of a method called 'Paida lajin

Basically your are slapping the shit out of your self for a hot minuet to heal yourself. (Real shit)

Quick back story…i was 19 when i started losing my hair, i am 30 now. I tried alot of methods to fix this and found very little that works.

This however is working. I have been slapping my neck, shoulders, and head (mainly for my headaches)

Hear are the results.

I always give you the tools of self healing so you can take care of yourself. If you have any physical ailment. I suggest looking up

Pairs lajin on YouTube.

Best of luck!

Note this is not me doing this everyday for and hour (like i was suppose to) this is me doing it it for maybe a minuet when i remember. Over 4.5 months


Fellow bald here, so, just to be sure, that picture UP does have new hair, right?

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A couple of info videos