Seer Sight. Can anyone else see?

Just curious. Can everyone else on here see spirits 24/7? My frequencies vary but I can see where an entity is and can channel it and get a better visual of it. Whether its their fiery/air body, auras, little dots of lights, orbs, annunaki looking things, vampires, dragons, etc. I can go on and on but I think you all get my point lol. Everyone In public seems to look at this entity but they dont see anything. I asked a few people and they dint even recognize they just looked at a spirit. I dont know if this is common with the LHP community or a special little gift that I have.


Did you anything to activate or to train it?
If not than it’s truly a gift.
But please tell me…

I’m just true here now.
Everytime I take amphetamine my Ajna Chakra gets more activated. Then I am able to see from the corner of the eye very clear and short clear sights from others positions than the corner of the eye are possible. I see and feel my Ajna Chakra gets more and more activated with this.

Tonight I’m spending time with three astral cats.

When I was a devoted catholic I literally turned myself into a hermit which only lasted for like 2 weeks. Some time around there I had a vision and saw jesus face and his eyes lit up and shined a bright light. Which may have something to do with my sight. I was also very interested in prophecy and Angel’s. I also read this mystical text called “The Cloud of Unknowing” and did the meditation in it which amplified my sight. I’m not too sure what order all this came in. It was over 3 years ago. I also received a deal on my forehead one night that looked like this image I posted. The funny thing was that I got hella fucked up on alcohol and weed that I think was laced with lsd and had a crazy trip. I saw this when I was at this church swinging at like 2 in the morning. It was metatrons cube with the flower of life or something like that. I closed my eyes a d saw this seal light up and glow on my forehead where the third eye is. There’s probably more too but I’m not really sure what triggered it.

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Nice story.
Did you fear something while awakening?

Yea I was down and depressed. Pretty much gave up and hated my path I chose for myself. I was disappointed and down from being a debt slave and peon to this system and felt stuck and ready to give up. I guess I feared not ending up where I wanted to be and having to do things against my own will.

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But you’re back on track, right?

I found out by fortune that amphetamine is triggering my Ajna Chakra like it does (heavily comparatively) so I’m experimenting with this now.

Yea I feel stronger and more energized but also feel a heavier weight on my shoulders due to acknowledging these entities more like Lucifer and what not. But it seems like there’s good and bad in everything so I’m gonna accept it for what is now until I obtain what I desire out of these pathworkings.

Drugs and potions work wonders but dont mistake the potion or drug for your own power.
Otherwise you end up reliant on it and then you get a parasite.
Just one mans advice having used plants to help

But do as thou wishes

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No sorrow. I got rid from one addiction
since May. I quitted smoking Marijuana.

Yea amphetamines are pretty crazy. Took the pills a few years ago. I bet I could gain quite a bit from amphetamines now if I took them. Especially if I channeled and focused in on my desire. This was before I watched the hobbit and was fascinated by sauron which led me to scan through a few pages if the satanic bible

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Yea people tell me that it’s because I used drugs is why I see stuff. But I know for a fact it isn’t the drugs. Sober or not they are there. I told my deacon this and he told me I’m ill and needed to see a psychiatrist lol. Sad thing is that he had a demon in him and two right beside him.

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I experienced that, too, that sober
people think they know enough.

Nevertheless I’m doing drugs rarely.
As usual only once per month.
Don’t need a second addiction
(that I smoke wasn’t counted)…

This is an older post but wanted to comment because I experience the same. I don’t really have control over it though. I don’t like when it happens at night, such a cliche to be scared of things in the dark, but during the day it doesn’t phase me. I started seeing entities when I was around 3ish.

Usually they appear as small white orbs…how to best describe it would be like seeing a larger cottonball (like 5-7 bunched together) floating or moving around for 3-10 seconds then fading. Or solid black masses in various shapes, but mostly round or oval, maybe the size of a fist. Or the rare full bodied shadow person. Best experience was myself and 2 other people also saw this entity walk right in front of us in the middle of the afternoon. I have seen a few full bodied colorized people versions but it always very quick and they disappear in seconds. Definitely eerie but gave validation that it wasn’t just me seeing it.

I also hear disembodied voices occasionally. Others have been able to hear them too and even caught a few clear as day as EVPs.

It’s an interesting world we live in and to be honest, I’m glad I’m not the only one.

No medications, alcohol or drug use facilitated these experiences.

That’s all just wanted to share :slight_smile:

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