Seen anything like this?

Few days ago as walking past a car and while looking at it and these symbols showed up. There were a shit ton more but I could only get these 2 as they started fading away. The third right after these was a sphere like thing showing i think an energy explosion and drew that one as best as I can remember it. There were a shit ton more but they disappeared as fast as the appeared. This is the sequence they appeared in

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It looks like something to do with programming DNA. :thinking:

The last one looks almost like a biology diagram of organelles inside a cell.


Looks to me like your wanting to enter the abyss. First diagram shows struggles with a chosen path. Second shows energy going into nothing and coming out the other side. The only way to overcome is to go through so to speak, the third image shows more order, things as they should be, energy radiating and swelling as it should be.

Interesting you say that. When I was 15 I was researching combining magic and science. The 2 go hand in hand if applied right and I figured out that Star Wars was onto something. The concept of the force was built around how mitochondria work. If we could manipulate them, we could physiologically cause magic to happen in real time with certain things. The problem is energy in energt out, it’s very taxing on the body. When I showed my science teacher I was somewhat able to ignite things, move shit, read thoughts or influence peoples interactions with each other and slightly hide myself in plain sight he went ballistic on me and shut it down fast. I found out he worked for the gov as a research scientist which also involved paranormal stuff and people like me end up on a dissection table and cataloged.

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Fastest way in?