Seeking Guidance on Starting Out

Hello again, everyone - I know it’s been some time since I previously posted on these forums, and I will admit… I’ve been unfortunately unable to delve as I’d like to into the practices and studies needed. Life has been less than pleasant lately in terms of its impact on me and my loved ones - though we’re making our way through one way or another at least.

I come back though to ask for guidance as a newbie - I’m not ashamed to admit I know little to truly nothing, but wish to rectify though (only a fool claims they have nothing to learn and I wish to learn more of anything each day). After enough time reflecting and thinking, I remembered this site and what I wish to achieve through these practices - a chance to improve myself and hopefully my position in this life for the sake of both myself and those I love, and to perhaps find happiness not from the physical aspect of the world but the metaphysical/spiritual side as well.

To keep things rather short and so I can respond when able to - what are good ways to start out learning to use or practice magick, to try and seek an audience with entities (be it the various demons of their varied positions and titles or even those from other pantheons or any others that could be recommended or sought for assistance and wisdom), rites, rituals, ceremonies, and other practices? Would energy working and visualization (something I’ll admit I have genuine problems with and wish to find a way to fix) be the first steps alongside meditation?

I’ll admit, privacy in my home can be a mild issue though I am able to save time for myself so it can be worked around. And are there methods for the above that do not require material objects at all? Or even very common items one has lying around in general?

Thank you all for your time. I appreciate any and all responses to be shown the way.

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Welcome back.

My advice is to find a system, and work within it. Most systems of magick have set foundational practices that can then be adapted to other methods.

If you want to get started immediately with practical magick, while building your basic skills, I recommend the books by the Gallery of Magick. Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield, and Goetia Pathworking by Corwin Hargrove will get you started and they only require a few minutes of alone time.


Find and learn then practice a banishing ritual.
Study and use sigils.
Get a Magickal Journal and try to keep it.
Buy a set of taro cards and throw away the horrid, little book that comes with them. Spend time learning what the cards mean by yourself. When you feel the need, buy The Tarot by Alfred Douglas. And get into I Ching.



I’ll need to make a note of those, friend - thank you. Out of curiosity, are there ways of viewing those online at all?

Interesting. First off, thank you Uncle-Al. :slight_smile:

Also, a banishing ritual and sigils? I know a bit about sigils, but not really a whole lot. If I may ask though, why the banishing ritual?