Seeking a teacher

Seeking a teacher. I’m into the Golden Dawn pathway and have started the Self Initiation Book at 0=0 been doing the LRBP and some magick which has worked. I’m looking for a guide or teacher.


There are some current magical orders that are based on the Golden Dawn. Have you tried looking for one of them to apply to?


no I have. I might want to look in to that as well

Most people seem to think that Magick is “mostly” a solitary path. So besides just forums like this, not sure where one would find a teacher. Besides magick tends to be a personal path/practice.

One of the options is to pray a god from a pantheon “considered” by the Golden Dawn, in fact some authors (Yogananda, italian hermeticist Kremmerz) believed in that possibility, to pray the Divine in order to meet a guru/master.

Same, I’m looking for a teacher as well. I’m reading up on books about the Gold Dawn.

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