Seeking a Specific Ability

Hi All,

I’m seeking a specific ability. I trade equities and forex. I’d like to be able to see and know market movements 2 - 3 hours before they happen.

Are there specific squares I could evoke or entities that can grant me this ability?

I’ve purchased EA’s Evoking Eternity. I’m hoping there is something in there.


Interested in what others have to say. I recently had the thought to start trading forex and being able to know either what will happen or having a demon help by manipulating the market would be nice.


Trading itself is pretty simple. However, it would be amazing to be able to see a couple of hours into the future to know exactly when the market movements will happen. It’ll be a difference between 1 lot or 100 lots that you put onto that trade.


For those that have worked with the Enochian Tablet, is there something similar that I could work with that can bestow this ability upon me?

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Duchess Bune might be willing to help since it is money related? I am currently working/ trying to work with King Belial. He may also be willing to help you out. I’m new to magic so I cannot really offer you any solid advice.

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Thanks, mate.

I am working with Belial right now. Will keep you updated here if I am able to find a way to do this.


Thank you, I would appreciate that.

Instead of trying to foretell the markets, why not work with a god of wealth to favour your trades?

Well the thing is that I’m already a pretty good trader. Have been in the industry for awhile. I’m just looking at what else is possible via the LHP.


Get in good with your connection to the universe through meditation and use a pendulum and a chart. They work rather well together and best of all it is all coming from your own abilities. It takes practice but imagine yourself being connected to the source of all universal knowledge as a beam of light and in that light is all information from all existence even that which hasn’t yet occurred and use your pendulum to get answers for questions. There are a lot of easy guides you can find for using a pendulum to communicate to different parts of yourself and other beings so that is good to look into. Practice it often and don’t place any money at first but practice and see if things turn out as you receive and in time you will be spot on. You just need to get use to the technique and go through a calibration period.