Seeking a lateral move from armchair magi to magi

I guess four crucial steps for any ACM transferring to Magi would be:

  1. Don’t Give Up,
  2. Don’t doubt magic,
  3. Don’t doubt yourself,
  4. Don’t doubt your teachers.

I see what you’re saying, for the unemployed person, they should do the standard state requirements for unemployment - have a solid resume, seek work, log work sought, report to the state.
So in any case, we are expected to do all our due diligence and get help through magic.
I do have The Magical Job Seeker :slight_smile:

But then here is the question, is Demons of Magic only to be used to get the confidence that all of it is very real, and to mingle with all 72, and do this 3 times (Ritual One, Ritual Two, Ritual Three)? If that is the case, having 30 petitions ready to go isn’t that insane, or even within a chaos magic method with Goetia might be plausible. I see what you’re saying though, start small and build up from there.

As life opportunities go, spiritual is kind of a mirror image. What I mean is, magical goals should be a concise statement, with an expected date.
In a mundane project, we work backwards from the other end, to our end, knowing what our exit plan (how we make a milestone transition) is, and when (date for the exit plan).

Before I bounce off to work, hope everyone has a great day.

Did morning Adorations and standard QC/LRP/QC.

Prayers out for friends and loved ones to be kept free from harm or evil.

Tried to strongly visualize the pentagrams, the circle and the archangels.
Seeing and feeling their presence before basic color visualization, hearing the pentagrams on fir and feeling their heat.

My daily tarot meditations 3 draw:
XIX The Sun acting through the Ace of Swords upon 6 of Wands
XIX The Sun - Sol - Hod-Yesod. Regeneration, healing, material comfort.
Link between imagination and natural magic.
Ace of Swords - Root of the Powers of Air, Spirit of Air, Kether of Yetzirah.
Authority in communication, purity of thought. Rash wrath.
6 of Wands, Lord of Victory, Tiphareth of Atziluth. Jupiter in Leo.
Goets: Leraje, Furcas
Shems:Saitel, Olmiah

Have a great magical day!!

And realized one thing that might be causing issues with my magic … the way my place is organized.

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