? Seeing things when i close my eyes?

So yeah it’s been 2 month since i tried to go into tgs without result and i am meditating and yesterday i listened to a tgs bineural and after a kundalini opening bineural i was feeling weird and i was afraid of anything and today i notices that every Time i close my eyes i see à lot of shit like blue circle more black on the inside and that change color and also a lot of shape that i can’t Describe can someone help

You is experience your spiritual vision. You have a third eye right? And the Ajna chakra. When you stimulate those you will start to see things like when you close your eye lids. I can see shadows moving with open eyes also when close. and even colors svirling around. Had a bright light beam entering my forehead with close eye lids.
So all of this is good signs your spiritual vision is starting to do its thing. You don’t need to be afraid of this. I know it can feel fucked up. But take your time and have trust in your self.


Yeah it’s messed up but what i see is real Spirit/démon/angel/chakra/aura ??

I don’t know what you mean you are seeing. When you start see colors and flashes and so on. You must remember the third eye is a powerful spiritual energy center. When its active you will know. And yes there will be visions. Do you mean that you have seen a spirit?