Seeing things after meditation

Im not sure if this is the best section for this. Lately after doing the darkness meditation ive been seeing lights go dark for a second then turn back on. It even happened to me in daylight on a bus and none were talking about it.

This is the meditation ive been using.
Visualise black and dark blue and purple energy around the space and as you breathe in and out it contracts around you then loosens. Then imagine some of the energy entering into me and turning my body the same colour. After that i asked spirits of shadow and darkness with good intent to come into my prescence. Could this be their manifestations?


After any meditation, you may see astral (aka “sparkly”) light. Bright orbs in the periphery of vision also possible.
Very possibly spirit manifesting.

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Ok thanks but i mean like actual electric lights flickering off for a split second.Its happened multiple places multiple times sometimes not even near the time of meditation.ill keep doing it, see what happens.

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Try to develop that sight a little further and see if you can’t see more. Try this


If you have a personal temple (mine is my bedroom) where you do all of your rituals and meditations, the energies will gather there and the moment you sit down to evoke a spirit, open a digit, etc, you’ll start to see all kinds of crazy flashing phenomena. I’ve seen the same flickering darkness, but also orbs of light that are deep blue, red, yellow, silver.

If you descend deep enough into the darkness, gaining familiars and spirit allies, actual physical lights will start to flicker wherever you go (along with people generally being creeped out by you). Happens to me all the time >:)


Thanks for posting that link, excited to go through it.

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Thanks for the link as well Adam!

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True that