"seeing static spots during daylights" must read!

These static spots im seeing clearly though my eyes, very deep static to point if i denied what i see it well create a mental snap within my conscious. The strange thing is that im seeing it when daylight hits, like my physical eyes seeing really what it seeing. Now we all know that ea said in his master evocation program when you look between the corner of the wall you can see the static during long trance. But this static is very different not only its more seenable during clear daylight but you actually see it though the naked eyes.

I’ve been practicing the LBRPG daily from Crowleys " High Magick " and was slightly skeptical but I’ve begun to see the static in the air too , also my plants have started radiating some sort of aura , inanimate objects seem to be alive , plus with the full moon last night made me feel energised and I’m getting static shocks on the tips of my fingers. I no longer have any doubts about what path I should take.

Firstly… much respect for the Jace Beleren avatar. We should swap deck builds sometime :stuck_out_tongue:

Secondly… If you are seeing static when you are not trancing it could just be power surges. Which is common when you are starting a new pathworking.

Have you just begun down this road? If so surges seem like a likely answer

No! Thermopylae My last pathworking almost put me in the mental hospital, some of experience i have seen through these naked eyes conscious ain’t pretty, this isn’t a game these spirits are real, real ain’t talking about mouth but experience. These spirits have there own embodiment of conscious. Once you start that pathworking, theres no turning back. Theres no god its only you and the devil.

I always try to remain rational and rule out things when I experience phenomena as such. I see these static spots in my vision as well but these “visions” I’m having are induced by the silent migraines I have from time to time.

I’m by no means a doctor but it wouldn’t hurt to go to one if you continue to regularly experience this phenomena. This could be caused by many known and documented health problems.

c.j. lee i did went to see a doctor im always remain rational he said i was traumatized. The point i what get out is if anyone is experience qutie of supernatural manifest like seeing actually the embodiment of the spirits.

I know its easier said than done X, but try to remain calm. Try being detached & analytical if that helps you - anthropologically as it were, looking at yourself as an outside person, like a narrator in a play. If you have ruled out physical & psychological causes this pretty much leaves spiritual - which is what your gut is telling you, & what you have been leading yourself toward. Unless you feel threatened, there is no evidence for a need for fear.

I have wondering since last fall what those static interferences are that occur for me in the mornings, just after i have waken. At first i thought it was just something messing with my eyes, or some signal happening with the brain f.e bootup. Then i started thinking about cracks in to other dimensions/realms and finally just accepted them for incidents. Now it is clearer, and how can be in the state where they are seen, without meditation, could it be that i´ve had help in my dreams. But yet again an occurence that ivé been thinking about gets explained.

X, I see the static/energy/chi whatever you want to call it at will now. There are a handful of synonyms for this vibrational frequency. You are in the TGS. Congrats!!