Seeing Shadow Images in my minds Eye

Ok, Im wondering how common this is, if its a talent, a curse, a figment, or just an overactive imagination. Ever since I was little , i would see shadow images of a room or a location in my minds eye when I was about to enter that area. Its always made me apprehensive to enter certain areas when they were dark especially. I managed to suppress it as an adult, but I still see shadow images on my periphery constantly. My 7 daughters all apparently have fhe same type vision. I also have a lot of instances where a person will pass by me(i drive an 18 wheeler) in their car driving recklessly, and i start seeing scenes of an accident superimposed over reality. About a third of the time, when ive seen these images, it will solidify into this reality and they crash, or get pulled over by a cop or even narrowly avoid major collisions. I’ve seen people and animals die too that i could sense and see right beforehand. Also, shadows and echoes of very violent accidents on certain roadways.
Just wondering if this is a common thing?
Whats really got me curious is now that Ive been delving into evocation again after 30 years of being terrified of the shadow imagss, Im seeing them again like crazy. Theres a base primal fear of them that i cant seem to get away from and its hindering my sight i believe. Ive been doing a short angel banishing every time i sense the shadows which is mainly after dark. What I want ro do is to be able to get over my fear and evolve past all this but not really sure how, even tho ive not been a stranger to the demons who’ve called to me my entire life.


Have they tried to harm you in any way? Do you have any base for this fear? If not, then why do you fear them? I’ve seen shadows almost since I remember myself. I don’t know if it’s something common, and honestly I stopped caring what’s “normal” (see “common”) or not. These shadows are not harmful usually. They never tried to harm me in any way, even when I was terrified of them. So I’ve accepted them. They’re free to stay around me, as long they behave.


Working on my root chakra help me overcome most of my fears.
too much work on the Muladhara can lead to arrogance.
Your fears can cause blockages on the Muladhara chakra, this can lead to more fear and attract parasites.

Try this

And dont fear shadow beings i heard many people can become friends with them and they can become protective of you.
Embrace them and embrace your gift.


I dont ever recall indtances of harm, but i have constant near misses of bad luck and accidents and crazy little slipups that seem like they’re intercepted by someone else at the last moments. Ive been diagnosed with heart problems these last few months and am on a heart monitor, in part, the bouts of fear have exacerbated my bradyarrhythmias to some small degree.

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My heart rate goes from the low 30s to 90s in split seconds and when im seeing, sensing other entities, i can literally feel the dips and racing. Seems like its its worsening since i found my roommate passed away last nov. Anyways, im being treated for the bradyarrhythmias by a cardiologist, and currently on medical leave due to this. Hence im home alone All the time in a house where someone died who was a fairly strong witch themselves, and i have invoked in this place. I do banishing but the being alone part is sometimes overwhelming. Just everything altogether i guess.

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You should call upon Archangel Raphael or Michael.
Rafael can help you with healing and Michael can help you with protection

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Good. I hope you health improves. I had some heart issues & it was terrifying. Hug!

I’m so sorry, hun. :worried: Do you leave the tv or radio on for company? Do you have any pets? Have you had any communication with your roommate since they passed?

I accidentally deleted my previous post, doh! Sorry!

There is no need to fear anything. You have a very valuable gift, not a curse. I suggest that you co-exist with those shadows. Treat them like people… kids to be more specific. When they’re doing good, reward them. When they’re doing something you don’t like, punish them. If they cross your red lines, banish.

If you didn’t have this gift, I would have told you to banish and that would be it. But that won’t fix the problem because you’ll see more eventually.

Try to get used to them instead. They’re not harmful. Work with them. give them something to do.

In the case of extreme emergency, with them or with any other spirit, call Archangel Michael and ask him to bring the white light, and to use it to banish all evil presence. But only if you don’t want them again at all and you don’t care what happens to them, when you just want them gone forever.

In case you want to “seal” your house. You can use water mixed with salt, get it close to your mouth, and read Psalm 23 “The lord is my shepherd” 7 times. Make sure that your breath is reaching the surface of the water. When you’re done, use that water at the corners of your house. When you’re done, use the last part of that water to draw the sigil of Archangel Michael, at the top of your main door. Then draw a circle around it. That would keep anything harmful away from your home.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: