Seeing/sensing entity helping with my tarot reading!

Hi there,

I wanted to post what just happened today while doing a tarot reading. I’ve been learning and doing readings for about two years now, getting better and more intuitive as I learn and practice. However, today for the first time, after casting a circle, calling upon the elements with my wand and stating my intention before the reading, something new and amazing happened: as I started shuffling the deck I sensed a strong presence to my left. I kind of turned to see what was there and with my inner eye I could see a humanoid figure with a cloak right next to me, very focused on my cards, as if saying ‘I’m here to guide your reading’. Then, the energy I felt was immense and the cards were jumping from my different decks (I’m using different decks at this point in my learning curve). Needless to say, the cards were so spot on and all inter-related and some cards from different decks had the exact same symbols and descriptions. What stood out was that I was ready for my ascent and the cards said I will start a new pathwork and the spirit world is supporting me in a growth that I thougt was not possible until now!’ I am so like WOW! I also recently dedicated myself as a witch, so it is so encouraging to receive this kind of messages! Anyone else has ever experienced a presence that guided their tarot readings??
Any suggestions?

Thank you for reading my post :slight_smile:

tarot readings are done in a few ways, your own intuition, a source such as the collective unconscious/astral, or a guide of sorts be it a deity, a demon, an angel, your spirit guides, your guardian whatever.

I use to have Odin guide my oracle readings as I have one oracle deck I dedicated to him for helping me out.


Thank you for your input Velenos! How was working with Odin?