Seeing my Birthday date everywhere

I keep seeing my Birthday date everywhere on this forum for last 2 days ( maybe more ) . My Birthday is on 19.2. and i keep seeing 19 on every post date and also Many of them perfectly on february ( if it is not 19.2. IT is something with 17 and 18 but rare ) . Do you know what could this be ? Is this just coincidence or something and does it has a meaning ?

Depending on you. what those numbers means for you? If u believe it will mean something for u. If not nothing gonna happen. Simple.

oh in this world/matrix there’s no coincidence just the bigger force of blah blah rule and say you something… maybe its important maybe not depends on u. keep lurking the true answer (its inside u) what happens around and in u is up to u … except if god or someone else want ur body (clear???)

Thank you . I was thinking about that date for me is my day . Also i throught that someone was trying to contact me .

It’s telling you to be a phoenix burn up rising from the ashes. Be reborn!! =o)

Sorry , i dont understand . Can you please explain it to me ?

you don’t know about what a phoenix represent? birthdate are representative of being born. keep seeing it so phoenix is good metaphor for rebirth. Meaning be reborn!!

Oh thanks . I am new to all of this . Could it be that he is trying to contact me ? Sorry if my English is bad , it is not my first language .

I think that someone is telling me to go ahead

Maybe you’re getting something special for your birthday?

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Sorry i didnt seen message . I don’t know , my birthday is on 19th February and Now is Jule so it is pretty far . I am thinking of 19th goetic demon maybe . Also , i see everywhere the number of the bus that goes to my home .