Seeing colors when your eyes are closed

Can someone tell me what I saw. When I went to bed last night. I closed my eyes and it was like my eyes were open. I could see rainbow of colors swirling around. In the middle was blue and looked like white electricity. It was all moving around in swirls. When I had dim light I could see the vibrant colors better. In the dark I could still see it but dimmer. Pretty cool. I didn’t take any drugs. Although kind of sounds like it. Lol


I see that too bro.
Thats a intro to Theta Gamma Sync if im not mistaken.

Awesome Progress!

Continue to meditate a little longer and you will find they will dissappear. Continue going some more and you will find “static” in the Darkness.

Here you can begin scrying with eyes open, evocation, etc.

Its a sign you are in trance.


I was going to bed. I hadn’t done anything. It was cool to watch. Till I feel asleep. I want to Astrial but hadn’t tried in over a month.


How can I make that happen?

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