Seeing a cross

Every time I close my eyes and meditate, I see a cross whenever I squeeze my eyes closed, it looks like a Christian cross , anybody know what it means?? Do some of you see the same? I see it all the time

The cross has an esoteric history that predates Christianity so when you say it “looks like a Christian cross,” do you mean that the cross bar is closer to the top instead of in the middle like an equal armed cross?


Closer to the top all the time

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Symbols such as the cross as @DarkestKnight explained predate Christianity, now let me give you some explaining on what the cross is, from my view point at least.

The cross represents the crossroads, the world in-between the worlds, the most common cross before was the doubled armed cross which represented the four elements. It was also a symbol of power and protection, it is the world-axis in the center of the universe, the bridge between the Earth and the cosmos, the physical and the spiritual.

It represents union, the union of physical with spiritual, the union of the elements, the union of the flesh and spirit, even when we evoke spirits, they appear in the crossroads. Once again this is the point of evocative union so to speak.

The cross also had ties to solar entities too, in that retrospect it represented both protection and prosperity. I suppose the actual meaning of the cross in this instance would all depend on what you symbolise it with. The best way to figure this out is simple, sit down close your eyes and simply visualise that same cross.

Look at it almost like a spectator of thought provoking art, where you look at it and feel and think about only it. Outside of the symbolism mentioned here and definitely outside of Christian symbolism, whatever the meaning you hold to the cross will then be made apparent to you.

Once you understand what it means to you, maybe then you can be closer to understanding what the powers that are around you or within you are trying to tell you or get you to see.


Okay I’ll meditate on it while focusing on the cross , awesome explanation I do understand a bit more about it now , by the way I hear A voice saying “Jesus Christ” sometimes after I see the cross , so I think it must be some form of protection I have to understand what this means so I’ll meditate on it now