Seeing 666 number, is this a sign?

So here’s the story: A couple days ago at work I was having a really bad day. Long story short this lady came up and her total came to 666. Later on a man came up to the register to pay for his order from the deli and his order number was 666. I had went to the bathroom and prayed to astaroth to just help me get through the day. Long story short (again lol) my manger came up to me and said I could leave early. I was thrilled because I was on the schedule until 4 am and I had finals in the morning. Anyway I just felt like it wasn’t a coincidence. If anyone else thinks this is a sign or something should I try invoking Lucifer? I’m new to this so excuse me if I sound stupid but the number 666 is his number correct? Anyway sorry for rambling. Any ideas how what I should do? Or should I just ignore the whole thing

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YES IT IS, you are now an official anomaly!

I could be wrong, but I believe Sorath and Lilith are both connected to 666.

Might be worth looking into.