Seeing 66?

Guys I am litreraly seeing 66 everywhere for months now do you know what it means? :worried::worried::worried:

Doesn’t mean anything, entirely nothing has to do with it. It’s like new Agers with Their 444 & 333… 1111… surely they believe these are universal messages with underlying numerological meanings that links to connotation in our everyday life (the time, change from paying cash, mileage, the price on something, number plates, numbers anywhere) is not anything significant in my eyes.

I’ve seen repetition for my entire life; repetition doesn’t change your life, change does… so if I have to say if it has has any significance, I say no… the recognition of pattern, function and “non coincidence” is only phenomena incredibly common for the human to tune into. :slight_smile:


I hope so it is realy strange

White howlite seems to have unrealistic expectations of synchonronicity.

The mind works like this:

Concious reality

The unconcious mind is raw and unfiltered. It embodies our most primal motives holds all our experience unbiased.

The subconcious is more “here and now” it holds all the things relevant to our current area in life. It holds past experiences and future expectations that relate to the present. So if im in a supermarket, my subconcious mind will shift to my shopping habits and pull up those experiences/programs(habits) that relate to my current situation, shopping.
In this sense, unconcious is the hard drive while subconsious is the ram

Next is the censor. Before something manifests on the surface it goes through a filter of agreeability. This what they mean by the veil. At this level your mind decides what would be acceptable given an individuals current belief system/paradigm. What we witness should agree with the environments stimuli. This is why as we open our minds to possibility and affirm this openness through expression, we witness more. Because it teachs our mind to agree with more stimuli, thus it allows it to be percieved.

Take some forms of schozophrenia as an example of why the censor is necessary

Thus even if numerology isnt the universe sending you messages, it is without a doubt real to the individual if the individual believes it to be. This is because meaning eas ascribed to numbers, thus the meaning exists in the akashic records of human belief. Thus, you will be unconciously directed towards the numbers whos symbolism is relevant.

It is your mind telling you what is to come, what to expect, how to cope, and how to get there. Sometimes its a warning.

Tl;dr i find 6 usually involves self empowerment. Either youre about to learn power or you need to empower yourself for the upcoming events in your life, you may not be ready and 6 tells you to get ready. It also can indicate that you need to focus on yourself and less materialistic things.

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