Secular boredom suicide

a question for ppl who are secular or once were how can you stand it? for me secular science and atheism are just beyond boring to the point of suicide. I don’t get how secular atheist can continue a life without Magick who wants to be a muggle when you can be a wizard??

I see tons of atheists ripping on the occult and Magick claiming nothing is real but basic science and there is no life after death. if I lived that way I would blow my brains out. :sob::gun:


Those types tend to have a very superficial understanding of science.

Science defines the baseline of objectivity on any given thing, and the true scientist never stops asking questions until there are no more questions to ask.

True, hardcore scientists actually validate a lot of what we say, albeit using different language. Have you seen some of the theories coming out? Multiple dimensions, new planes of existence, consciousness existing on multiple planes…shit is getting crazy!


I’m talking about the atheistic type like church of satan that don’t validate anything other than basic science not even pseudo science. no life after death no soul nothing but a body that rots after rigor mortis etc.

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I find this to be a misunderstanding about what exactly atheism is… An atheist is simply someone who doesn’t believe in the existence of gods/goddesses. A magician who follows the psychological model of magick, and believes that all gods/goddesses are all aspects of his own consciousness could be called an atheist by definition, as they do not believe in the objective existence of the gods.

Secular simply means that they don’t approach life in a religious or spiritual way. They are not bound by the rules of a church or some sort of “higher” authority.

There is no objective proof for life after death. It is all opinion and supposition so there is absolutely nothing wrong with only believing in things one can conceptualize. There are some down right silly ideas about the nature of existence in the occult, and only someone devoid of reason fails to question them. True science seeks to know, objectively.

Then you are showing a bit of ignorance of science and the mindset of scientists. A lot of scientists look at the natural world in the same way as occultists look at the spirits. They want to know what it is all about. Have you ever read Carl Sagan? He found his magick in the physical universe, not outside of it as a lot of people do. He didn’t need gods, or demons and angels to be awed by nebulae or thunderstorms or a blade of grass. He was close to the definition of a mystic, though he would never call himself such. His magick was the world and the universe at large.

One does not need to believe in life after death or a soul to find magic. That is a conceit that a lot of spiritualists and religious people fall into. There is this idea that there is no magick without some god or spirits or whatever, and that just shows a common lie that occultists and worshipers like to tell themselves in order to feel special. By any definition of the term, magick is making change in accordance with will, and is more a mindset than anything else, and that is exactly what true science tries to do through understanding and knowledge about the workings of the objective universe.

There is magick all around us, in everything. Just because someone doesn’t believe in the existence of the soul (which no magician, spiritualist, or religious person has ever found anything beyond subjective proof of) or gods of some sort, in no way supposes the lack of magick.

Personally, I think the term “muggle,” coined from a work of fiction and used as an insult towards those who don’t follow someone else’s opinion as to the nature of the world, is just as bad as someone who insults the occult because of a lack of understanding. I think some scientists hold more awe about the multiverse than occultists do these days, because occultists are too busy thinking of themselves as special, and powerful, and bigger than they really are in the scheme of things. A scientist looks at his insignificance to the multiverse at large in awe and seeks to know more about it.



Hardline atheists are about as enlightened as a slug. They don’t allow even for the possibility…


it’s still a load of boring shit to me but that’s just an opinion. I personally just avoid the fedora tipping atheist types but if you dig that good for you.

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It’s all in how you approach it :slight_smile:

Science has proven the existence of many things that mystics have stated are true, like the fact that the heart produces an electromagnetic field or “aura.” To me, it is just another way of seeking knowledge.

So is sitting on a cushion with your eyes closed and meditating to a lot of people i know. To each, their own :slight_smile:


Personally I think the issue lies more with Skepticism vs Pseudoskepticism.

  • A skeptic will research, test and evaluate information before making a personal conclusion.

  • A pseudoskeptic on the other hand is only interested in ‘debunking’ new information to help preserve their mode of thinking. Like a form of cognitive dissonance, because they generally hold the mainstream as sacrosanct.


^^^ So much this!

Edit to add: A true skeptic is not just someone who doubts, but, according to the ancient Greek philosophy from whence the term derives, someone who follows the belief that the true knowledge of something is impossible to gain. This would apply to both any sort of spiritual exploration and physical experimentation.


YouTube is full of skeptical debating junk and I’m sick of it all though armored skeptic is pretty cool.


Yeah I believe that’s right.

I think it was pythagoras or someone who didn’t agree with that, saying that it would devolve into "questioning for the sake of questioning " which would lead to stagnation and get humans nowhere.

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some thing I just thought of after that last comment on here kind kind of flows with the neber ending questions “theory” in my opinion. meaning now matter how you explain anything if you ask but how at the end of the answer and keep doing that it literally keeps going and going an going. just try it out with any answer to a question. Idk but this pooped in my head and I had to post it

popped not pooped haha

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I come from that background, actually. I do agree that atheism alone doesn’t answer every question on spirituality. Secularism is fine for those who don’t have a desire to explore spirituality. I don’t really agree that this position is boring. There’s a lot in the world that’s amazing that doesn’t deal directly with the supernatural. Personally I’m fascinated with biology (particularly genetics), anthropology and paleontology, and I think these fields offer a lot of explanation about humans and spirituality that makes sense. I also think spirits can be explained through electromagnetic forces, biochemical/bioelectrical energy, psychology and quantum physics. And yes I know a belief in science doesn’t equal being an atheistic secularist, but I grew up learning these sciences from that perspective, and being a more spiritual now, I can also interpret theories and knowledge in new ways that my former self would probably have brushed off. I think science is a mere tool for explaining the world and some people prefer to look at it purely for its worth while others like to use it to discover something different.


I agree the scientific method is just that, a method.

The problem is when the ideology of materialism co-opts the method turning into scientism.

I especially agree with what you said about Electromagnetic forces.


science is Magick I am more against the ppl who just deny any form of spiritual life and prefer the mundane existence over a magical one.

what I really am against is mundane existence where you just go to work school and do what is told of you believe in only what your eyes can see and nothing else.

I feel much for what you say lucifuge, i would have phrased it differently perhaps. Then again, for alot of people the new movie or album by popstar X comming out is THE pinnacle of the human experience.

And how can we blame them if they have been shaped so gruadually over the years. The people cant help themselves, their envoirement dominates their existance until they end or you help them find truth through dialogue (not lecturing :yum:)


Exactly my point! Especially with astral projection and remote viewing ! It’s a hot topic right now

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