Section 5- Help me improve myself bros

It’s been quite a moment that I’m studying this course, I’ve bought it since E.A released it. I’m currently in section 5 for over,at least 8 month (with, I admitt, sometimes a week or two of non practicing). Actually I have the following problem, and I hoppe that your advices may help me solve them.

Considering my experiences from now, I come to the following consideration.
What I experience in astral is pretty “blind” for the moment. I have the feeling of being bilocated. I havent got lost completly my feeling of the physical body, but I don’t give too much attention on it. My conscience is in the place where I’m protecting. I’m seing it, and I’ve got a sensation of being able to touch things. Not exactly a physical sensation, more something like the one you have of taking a hit before taking it that allow you to escape, or the one you develloppe by trying to imagine what may be touching any object in front of you.
So my astral trips are more like a succession of “touching consideration” “I’m touching the floor, the door, the mailbox”, but my sense of sight is pretty bad, compared to my physical sense of sight. I would say it is “noisy”, a lot of interferance, and to be honnest not really pleasurable. I take me efforts to see something in details, and when I do that, my main focus is on the target not on the environement, that fade a little .

In my experience, when you first begin astral work the impressions may be vague while you’re “there” - the hallmark of it being a successful and real event is that your memories afterwards will be as vivid as a memory of anything that’s happened in the everyday world.

Do you have this feeling, or are the memories themselves still a bit patchy?

I can mainly recommend a lot of practise, and I also posted some tips on improving your “inner eyesight” here that might be helpful.

I’ve always been a major daydreamer, and I think that’s helped me with this stuff because I’m used to seeing things in some detail that aren’t physically there.

It might seem frivolous but it’s a lot more fun than just trying to visualise shapes, or objects, though very simple exercises (like this one) have their uses.

Anyway I firmly believe that the more you can visualise at will, the more your astral senses will be able to correctly convey visuals of the things you encounter, which (although they’re often symbolic of something else) means you’ll feel more confident and invested in those realms.

Ive heard that your will here is very important - will the image to be clearer. A bit like a computer or using lenses - say to yourself — Clarify mail box…or Focus more… that type of thing.