Secret teachings about all Ages

So I stumbled upon this book Ina good search the link said finally a book that Delivers on its and sake type of thing. It’s from 1928 and was never re patented it was made into a digital copy in 2001-2004 it completely free and the download should be the safest one you could do unless you think the CIA webpage is not safe. I’ haven’t started reading the 600 plus book yet but figured I should share since it seems like it’s gonna be a great book I’ve heard of a book named similar o this but could ever find it when I searched for it.

So yea hears the link I copied from the Goole page I used the link myself and it automatically downloaded the book once clicked so it should download the book not bring you to a page about it. So yea hopefully everyone appreciates this and I’m not breaking any BALG rules the book is public domain says so write on the cover page and everything like that states it was published then no action was ever taken again for copywrite exc.

Here the Link

Hope our enjoy, and once again if scepticle about the download notice it says . Gov in the source so won’t give out a virus or anything like that.


It actually seems that this is public domain, and this isn’t the first time I have heard about this book being in the public domain. I don’t think this was needed but I’ll leave it up to someone like @Lady_Eva who can be arsed to relocate this thread again.


As far as I can tell this is okay because the CIA are literally allowing you to download it from them, so I’m going to class this as okay since they’re kind of the top cops. :smiley:


Yea that was the only real reason I figured I could share I that and it’s labeled public domain, thanx for checking Into it. Once I get some normal reading time I’m I’ll post about it, hopefully it gots some killer rituals I haven’t done anything with i yet posted it her right after I found it.
I’ma try to disect the URL and get to the website where it’s at I stead of the download site and see i I can find other occult books they have for free download. This imparticular book seemed like I ended up being really rare and hard to make into a PDF because of weathering exc.

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Try this:

You’ll get non-magick results but then stuff like “PARAPSYCHOLOGICAL THREAT TO COMSEC IN THE 80 S”! :laughing:

Edit to add - this is where the real woo-woo went down:

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I read it years ago, think there’s a copy on my kindle. I remember it being interesting but nothing massively exciting which was strange as I had high hopes from it

Maybe I’ll give it another read at some point

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Woot I’ma leave this page open to check it out later, thanx for the search key, I’ll try key words like psychotronics or maybe even Lucifer so see what comes up. Lol search heathen see if they slander with it or use it to refer to followers lol. Thanx again Lady_Eva your Makin my day alot more entertaining.

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I recently kind out about a device called the Felvita generator made in 75 by the Russians that absorbs phychic energies from all near muggle or no and then can use that energy o do psychic abilities I didn’t read what abilities the device has yet. I have the document about it but not the link I used to get it any more. It’s I think the search option Lady_Eva gave with the key word psychotronics.

I loved the move men who stare at goats, at the end of the movie when he walks through the wall I just said what do out expect it’s obi-won. So I’m reading abouni right now what we need is so done from another countrys web page about i cause countries will always tell more about what the other country did then them selves, I’ve read about how the UK is doing all kinds of fucked up shit to there population and how the police even are doinbivthey have the tech not just the gov but operate on different frequencys. I’m reading the wiki page atm I tried to search about it but I’ll have o link a second key word to find stuff more about abilities.

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manly p hall is the best


I was about to post about this. Looks like it’s already been done. It’s amazing, I have all seven volumes here:

A page of volume one I took a picture of: