Secret Planetary Names from PGM

Aktiophis: Selene the Moon

Achebukrom:Helios, Sun

Ilaouch: Aphrodite, Venus

Psuchopompoiaps: Hermes, Mercury

Orthiare: Ares, Mars

Zas: Zeus, Jupiter

Kronos: Kronos, Saturn

So far i’ve tried the secret name of sun while gazing upon it.The book of Moses says that chanting this name directly to the sun will bring lovers to your life.Personaly i’m after money magic,but my phone is ringing everyday from old and new meetings i had.

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good shit bro. Note: “ch” is pronounced “ckh” as in backhand

Excellent, thanks! :slight_smile:

Damn.I thought ‘‘ch’’ is the greek ‘‘x’’ which sounds like ‘‘loch Ness’’ or the ‘‘h’’ in ‘‘hat’’

Are you sure about this?
For example the name of mercury is the greek name’'ψυχοπομπός’
which means psychopomp

pretty sure bro

I would have thought that chanting the secret name of Venus as you gaze upon Venus would do the trick for bringing lovers, rather than chanting the sun’s secret name to the sun. If it’s money magic that you’re looking for, then which secret name is it to be, chanted to what?

Interesting stuff, planetary magic. Thanks for sharing this information.

Hi Salpinx.My intention was to explore the current behind this name or to invoke the energies if you prefer.I just chanted the name,i felt the shift in my aura and my energy field,said hail to helios while looking at him and that’s all.I was just curious.
Still my phone is ringing like crazy (lol)

Oh boy.I just found this one

Awesome, you’re on a roll here mate! :slight_smile: