“Secret” names of Lucifuge

In the compendium/ grimoire of Lucifuge , one contributor mentions secret names of Lucifuge.

Does anyone have gnosis about the particular attributes of these aspects of Lucifuge?


Master Leonard

And yes I will die on this hill, even if nobody else collaborates my gnosis.


Love your passion. When you mention Master Leonard, you mean that Leonard is one of the masks of Lucifuge encoded in the “secret” names?


Basically yes. The similarities are too striking to deny IMO, and I later confirmed it after noticing it via UPG in an encounter with Lucifuge.

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Here is what I got from the first name beginning with S:

I am the light beyond the dark
Lucifuge perfects thé darknesi am the light , the lustre , the glowing , the brightness of this darkness

You find me in the perfection of darkness,
I am the consequence of the polishing of night , Nyx in her glorious form I am found

I begin where your dark journey ends, like the moon reflecting the rays of the sun , I reflect your dark light in its optimal form ”