Second Lucifer evocation

Dear people

I just carried out my second Lucifer evocation and have to say I was very amazed. At the first evocation, I asked for a bit of money, no matter in which way, and I received around € 1,500 on loan from several people, and I’m very grateful for that. During the evocation I did this time, I got direct confirmation that my wish was being fulfilled. I asked for money again and that my family is protected from all negative influences. The confirmation was like this: I am on my way to fulfill your wish and I am happy to be able to help you. I do not know if these words are just imagination but if not then I do not understand why Lucifer is available to me with a very generous heart. THANK YOU
But let’s get to the highlight. After saying goodbye, I had a picture in my mind : Lucifer hit the ground with full force like a meteroit. A big heart jumped out and I was very amazed. I am sure that Lucifer heard me and will fulfill my wishes. As an offering, I made him a cigarette and a little blood from me on his seal. LUZIFER I AM THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. I LOVE YOU


Thanks for sharing!

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