Searching the faes on halloween

hi, because today is shamain or halloween, today is a great day to search the feas, i want to know where is the best place to seek and conntact the faes and what to do to create a goon bond with them, thanks, and happy halloween

The best place that anyone can go to is, well, outside. Go to the woods, nature, all that good stuff.

They love sugar and shiny things. So leaving offerings of candy and jewelry can certainly help. Also, starting a garden is very good for connecting with them.


thanks for ur advise, also how i can reconize them on the night?

Unless you are able to see spirits, you won’t see them most likely, besides maybe willowisps. And be careful. The fey are not Tinkerbell disney characters. And on Samhain you may attract the attention of the sluagh sidhe, a redcap, or the Dullahan. The Unseelie Court is taking over this half of the year.


Go out during the twilight hours, that’s when they’re very prominent and the veil is thinnest. Plus the extra effect of Halloween with the veil also being very thin, there’s practically going to be no restriction.

Go out to the woods, however deep you wish to go and set up a little ritual area. Nothing much, maybe like a large stone to act as a table to put offerings on.

Play some music to attract the fae, they love music as well. Dancing with them, partying with them is also pretty good.

Call out to the far whenever you feel the time is right. Offer the offerings and wait. However, be careful. Fae are mischievous little boogers.

It’s best to have a developed spiritual sight to see them as well. If you don’t have one, chances are you won’t see them.


I’ve worked with them. Some people consider them tricksters but I’ve found them to be very fun. There is a village of them in the hedges in my back yard. From what I’ve learned about the local fae I’ve interacted with they seem to enjoy alcohol and hold parties at night. If the fae near where you live are anything like the local fae I interact with I think they would appreciate a nice wine offering. Also, don’t litter in their territory, that might piss them off. Be respectful and they will be good friends. They’ve actually helped me find lost things before.


thanks for ur advise, i know that some fae are more wiked than some imaginaries, but thanks for showing some aes that can appear is truly intresting

that’s useull, thanks for tell it

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ok thanks, also in case that i can’t see them i can hear them or feel them?

Unfortunately, that also depends on your clair skills. Those specifically are clairaudience(hearing) and clairsentience(feeling, I think, I might be wrong on this one).

There is a myth about being able to see fae by looking through a thing called hagstones(I think that’s what they’re called at least. I’m not good with names…). Though, I don’t know the legitimacy to that.

I’m sure they can speak with you in your dreams if you ask them to. But you may not remember the dream. An amythest can help with that if you put it under your pillow.

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thank you, and happy halloween

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Happy Halloween :jack_o_lantern: :slightly_smiling_face: