Searching For a Spiritual Mentor

Dear BALG-Users,

I hope this question is alright and if not, please notify and I will ask such never again.

I am thinking about if I could find a spiritual mentor / friend here who can help me and talk to me during my progresses. I would really appreceate that, because I am thinking of envoke and work with Claudeck as my first step in this topic.

If there is a friendly helpful person who could / wants to connect with me, I am gladly awaiting personal messages! :slight_smile:

Good Night!


There is nothing wrong with asking the question, but you need to be aware that we get asked to be mentors a lot, so please don’t have high expectation of getting a response. Most of us here have no interest in teaching others in any capacity other than sharing our knowledge on the forum so don’t take it personally if no one messages you.

Edit to add: Never be afraid to post any experience or question on the forum. We are a pretty friendly bunch of weirdos and will always try our best to help :slight_smile:


But I just hope I can find some good helpful mentor who can help an german-speaking magick newbie to success and grow. I won’t give up believing in this! :slight_smile:

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Ive helped a few people on here privately by PM on certain areas of assistance. So if it’s some general guidance or something along a set theme, I’d be willing. I do not have unlimited amounts of time but I’ll do the best I can. I’ve got over 20 years experience in numerous metaphysical and occult practices.

All the best

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While I may not even be a fraction as experienced as @MagickMan2018 I’d also be willing to help. Feel free to pm me any questions, and whatever I don’t know I can at least point you to a source on it.

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