Searching for a matching deity and making a pact with it

So first a little bit about me: I’m a young witch and I did mostly right hand magick (with nature, the elements, pendulum etc) and I know/feel that I have a mission on this earth… that would take too much time to explain so I’ll just leave it at that.

Now to my problem: I think my gods can’t help me accomplish this mission as good as I would like and I am also searching for a teacher/menthor to teach me more about everything in the spiritual realm.
I want to have knowledge and I want to have certain abilities but at the same time I want to build a friendship with this deity or even love to some degree.
But I don’t need money, fame or stuff like that, as long as I can live a “normal” life that’s fine.

Soo now my question is do you recommend any specifical (powerful) deity that can help me and provide me with this knowledge and relationship I desire?


The rest of your life? and your “mission on Earth?”
You said it is too much to explain, but at least for your self, do you know why you want a mission on Earth?
So you are telling you don’t have a true connection ( at least, not known by you) with your Gods,
and you are looking for a God even more “powerful” that can give you all of your sweet dreams,

Any spirit, entity or demon can be a powerhouse of manifestation, the problem here is not power, but the connection you can have with them, if you had a truly connection with your Gods, you would not be asking for help, so work about it!

To me, Demon Lords ARE Gods, they have just be dismissed from our modern society for X reasons!
For Gods, you can read Wikipedia ,
For Demons, you can try Lord Rosier, he will maybe not be sensual with you all of a sudden, but he can give you amazing advices about love, of yourself, your body, your life!


Yes I know exactly what the mission is about and I’m sorry if I didn’t made that clear but I do have a real connection with my gods, but I am missing that talk face-to-face kinda thing. I have an extremely strong invocational bond with them, but they can’t answer me directly and even through the pendulum they give sometimes a unclear or no answer…
I am working about 4-5 years with them and they made clear that they can give me some kind of feeling for doing the right thing(and nothing/little more) but as I said I want to have a real menthor I can talk to and who can show everything to me…
so it is not all about my mission because I know I would fulfill that sometime (with my current gods), but more about the knowledge/abilities regarding the spiritual realm.

Yeah I know that’s why I’m referring to them as gods, because they are all gods in my opinion :sweat_smile:
Thank you! I will definitely inform myself about him!!


It does sound like connection may be the issue here but, maybe you out grew your relationship? It doesn’t mean you just have to leave it behind but maybe you’ve learned all you can from them for now. Try looking through the posts here about different spirits and then expand your research to the internet and books. Something could be out there calling you, and all you have to do is find it.