Sealing Sigils :

The Sigils I am referring to are Spirit Sigils.

Yesterday I came across a video which stated that other lesser Spirits can enter from a Demons Sigil. Needless to say I decided to cover mine in Tinfoil (with all due respect).

Some suggest burning these Sigils but isn’t it disrespectful to a Demon?

PS: Don’t leave your Sigils open.


I burn mine to close them.
Another method I have seen is to say the As Above So Below chant from Aleister Crowley’s books and bury the sigil.

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With a ritual sigil even though you have called out to one deity it opens you to all deitys with your ritual even if you are specific to one. If you destroy the sigil afterwards it really has no meaning except you have closed that ritual and requests. It still opens you to other spirits that do not have to cease after you destroy your sigil.


No, burning a seal is not disrespectful to a demon. It is a time honoured method of closing off the connection, and one EA recommends in all of his books. The only people who seem to think it is disrespectful in some way are demonolators like S. Connolly, who view demons through a religious lens.

The idea that it is “disrespectful” comes from traditional Solomonic magick, where the demons are threatened with fire and torture if they don’t comply with the demands of the magician. However, it is the intention when burning the seal that matters, not the act itself. I burn my seals all the time once the results have come in, and have never had a problem. As I burn it, I thank the spirit for the work they have done on my behalf.

I have never heard of any spirit but the one called coming from a demon’s seal. The seal is a representation of that specific Power. In fact, one of the ways to discern an impostor spirit from the real deal is to ask them to state their name, or to display their seal.


That’s how I look at it.
Majority of the rituals involve inviting them to communicate with you through your crown chakra wave.

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That’s why you banish become and after rituals typically. There’s no such thing as friendly fire when it comes to demons, so it gets rid of everything except who you allowed to fuck about in your area.

Also, if another spirit tried to come through someone else’s sigil uninvited, the original thing you were summoning would kick its ass.


I learned that when working with Lucifer lol.
He doesn’t like when minions try to interfere.

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I’m enjoying the responses here. I think that burning my old Sigils (in a respectful way) will be beneficial.

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If you want to go off of the Druid practice :
Burn the sigil and bury the ashes.

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That seems to be very respectful to me.

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