Seal Of The Infernal. ( What do you feel )

How this happened.

Okay so i went to randomly draw the seal of the sorcerer, Lucifer had a different idea and this is what i got.

This symbol is literally mesmerizing, i cannot look away from it, i scryed into it and opened it and Unholy fuck, i cannot explain the power that surged from it, i heard Lucifer say

" Congratulations you’re in possession of the Seal Of The Infernal ".

Then it slammed shut like closed when i looked away and the air was thick and quiet, huh so what do you guys feel from it.


L - Conner Kendall


76 is a special number to me. Why did you choose it?

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Your experience sounds like it was intense. Honestly I don’t know how other people use sigils but I use them to record information. That sigil looks more like an interface for a console.

Most people respond to short term impulses they vide from resonation. I abhor resonation and instead use my intention. I also utilize my actual thought and analyze deeply.

I myself would use a square/octagon framed interface. I particularly like how you included a square triangle and circle in the three corners of the main triangle. That tells me you must have summoned a pretty sophisticated mechanism to process your experience. Great power is required to summon such a mechanism. The spiritual engines burn as immaterial systems perform invisible functions.

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I feel like I’m looking through a portal into a fiery Realm and the horned head and face of a giant fire serpent demon is looking right back at me with a Sinister yet welcoming grin. I feel that when I look into his eye and grin back at him I, too, become a being of fire… As if his power reflects back into me like looking into an infernal mirror. My third eye feels like the flaming eye of Sauron and I feel a very serpentine/dragon like energy flowing through me.

Edit: there was also a sort of telepathic communication that happened as well… It was in another language that I don’t know, but it was received without resistance by my mind. The information was received and I feel it strengthened or upgraded an energy or vibration within me that feels infernal.

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Well we can trash the Inverted Pentagram thats for sure :joy:
I see a GIANT wooden Door made of this seal.
Whats behind it? A beast. A giant. Fuckin. Beast.

Ill type more later


I have never actually heard of this till now

Interesting piece. The symbol in the lower part of the pentagram is appearing a lot in my sessions when drawing as well.

Can I use the Seal in order to evoke the entire Infernal Empire?

I feel shivers down my spine when I look at it. There’s also a burning sensation in my throat and heart chakras.

A cave, cold and dark, moisture dripping from the stone. A fire, burning bright yet being choked out by the shadow.

There is no hope here.

Leave now while you still have a chance.

Don’t darken yourself to know what lies behind this doorway.

I tried scrying into it, that’s what I got. I don’t know what was telling me to leave, but I am glad I did. It was getting progressively more oppressive the longer I was in the scry. I felt unsafe, and I need to cleanse now.

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After just a few moments meditation, i felt a growl reverberate through my chakras. Backed off for the moment but mighty curious now

I saw the sigil fade away and open up like a door. a demon with a brown face appeared and he was carrying a scythe and he swung it at me and I backed away. Felt he was a guardian of some kind.

what a synchrony lol.satan gave me a seal like this before like 2 my case the seal was a portal to entities…

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What is this??? I’ve never been truly petrified of anything in the occult for a long ass time.

This sigil for some odd reason makes me really happy. Giddy really.

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Here is my version of the seal:

I hope you like it @C.Kendall.

Thanks again.


I saw something beyond similar I saw lucifer sitting down on a throne smiling he looked very very strong.