Seal of manifestation working wonderfully

I have been literally working without any personal space or privacy til recently… The rituals i’ve successfully completed were all also learning experiences…along the way i have gained spiritual knowledge but it hasn’t all beeb pretty & some were down right scary at first… However i never gave up on my pursuit of real power & bringing my will to bear on this unaware world… I’ve seen lucifer as a giant also the leviathan snake (head only). Been covered in spider webs when i gained favor of the spider queen. Had bune tussle my locks after partially manifesting from only the smoke of a black&mild i was smoking… I learned proper ritual through plain trial and error…the same goes for protection… I had an imposter picked up through improperly summoning… But as of today its finally gone. I recently moved into my own place & set aside the proper ritual space…i had with me this sigil i had used for a while for lucifer… So it was hung in my new ritual space…but i actually found that satan had been the one coming instead of lucifer all along. The imposter was actually being empowered from all things lucifer… I decided to draw the seal of manifestation. once it was completed i held it up to admire my handy work & i literally has the shakes like the giggling fits was bout to hit me… But i controlled it… I hung it in my ritual chamber & there was a rush of air as though something or things were clearing out… Now mind my door was closed now windows or fans cause its a huge closet i converted… But once that happened i decided i’d come back later at meditation time… I returned at that time in lit incense for bune & satan. & the big poster board lucifer sigil which had been there since day 2 literally fell over into the candles that were burning… I put it back up & did bunes enn chant & the board begin to fall yet again… I took this as a sign in burned the damned thing soon as i finished meditation. My home & ritual chamber feels light as feather… Cant make it up… The goetia are very very real… & on a side bar satan says he is not of them… To the serious there is nothing to fear stay at it. It will happen your will can truly manifest…


interesting information, thank you for your post

That’s very cool. Yes there’s a lot of trial and error in magick. I’m glad things are working well for you know. Keep it up :slight_smile:

Hello. Which seal are you referring to? Did you draw it or print it? Thank you


Those are both the same seal. The only difference is the top one is drawn inside EA’s universal circle.


Thank you.