Seal Of Hezekiah (Looks A Lot Like "The Aten")

[b][url=]A Mark Of Power! Tiny 2,700-Year-Old Royal Seal Of Judah's 'Greatest King' Hezekiah Found In Ancient Rubbish Dump In Jerusalem[/url][/b]

"A 2,700-year-old royal seal bearing the mark of the biblical King Hezekiah has been unearthed in Jerusalem.

The tiny oval piece of clay bears the impression of a sun with two wings turned downward, flanked by two ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs that symbolise ‘life’.

King Hezekiah’s rule was responsible for the rise in power of the Kingdom of Judah and an inscription into the bulla reads ‘Belonging to Hezekiah (son of) Ahaz king of Judah’."
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Photos and far more info in that link. :slight_smile:


Cool find.