need some help scrying. just got a black mirror . is it neccessary tpo burn copal incense to see the spirit manifest in the smoke or is the mirror sufficient? i tried to gaze into the mirror last night but failed to see any images of asmoday. :(. maybe i need to relax more. i even use the universal circle i bought from EA. i thought of hearing one of rea video saying to face the mirror towards the corner of the rm

Nothing is necessary, but are tools to help you. To convince yourself of this, try this. 1) Try to skry into the air in-front of you.
2) Now Try the Black mirror.
3) now Try with incense.
The theory is to start with no tools, and then introduce more tools to help yourself, then you will see why the tools are there in the first place. But dont feel bad if you can’t get it too work without tools, just continue to introduce more tools to make it easier for you to get it to work.

Also don’t try to look into the mirror like a window, but rather something to keep your eyes on while you get the vision in your minds eye. Usally it starts in the mind, then before you know it you will see it in the mirror.

Incense helps. In one session the incense seemed to go into the black mirror and start becoming some sorta white ectoplasm.

I’m not using incense right now. A person I’m staying with has allergic reactions to the smoke, and I’m not having any trouble. I could always see smoke swirls, orbs, and outlines of figures in my mirror and sometimes an almost full manifestation that would fade quickly, but with the help of Eric’s WOD book I experienced my first full manifestation in the mirror last night, with no incense at all. Full color, full clarity image. Yeah, face it towards the upper corner of the room or at the ceiling if you have too many decorations on your walls. And remember to relax, gaze THRU the mirror as if looking thru a black hole into another realm, do not stair AT the mirror and strain your eyes.

If you want to facilitate skrying, build as much energy as you can, move it to the back of your head and then to your eyes/3rd eye.