need some help scrying. just got a black mirror . is it neccessary tpo burn copal incense to see the spirit manifest in the smoke or is the mirror sufficient? i tried to gaze into the mirror last night but failed to see any images of asmoday. :(. maybe i need to relax more. i even use the universal circle i bought from EA. i thought of hearing one of rea video saying to face the mirror towards the corner of the rm

I have always heard it is easier for beginners to practice with manifesting spirits or demons, by starting out with incense smoke. I have read that the black mirror alone, is a little harder to use for scrying unless you are advanced in manifesting spirits to full visible form. So I’d start with the incense smoke first. I’m sure others here have had opposite experiences and found the mirror to be easier than the smoke. It really varies per person.

I have not been able to use incense recently as I am staying with a relative while building my first home so I can spend all of my money on my new home and not have to give $500 of it to a landlord for rent, and my dad is allergic to the smoke, he coughs and it’s just bad. So I have been relying solely on my black mirror lately. I am starting to see gray smoke in the mirror swirling around. Yes, hold the mirror or lean it up against something so that the mirror is facing towards the corner above your head where the ceiling meets the wall, that way there are no shadows or objects in the mirror that will obstruct your view.