Do you have to use a black mirror to scry or can it be a regular mirror. If you can use a regular mirror, which method is most effective for you?

Black mirror. You could also use a water,fire, or even blood.


There are so many methods of skrying. I suggest finding a method you best connect with.


You can sit on your bed and stare into a dark closet.
You can lay on your back and stare into the back of your eyelids.
You can paint one side of a piece of glass with flat black paint.

… a bowl of blood
… a black plate
… an unpowered android tablet
… an obsidian orb

Use whatever feels right, whatever pulls at you.


I wouldn’t like to reopen this thread but that’s the first time I read this.
I noticed whenever I lay for astral travel, that my sight becomes cloudy, tiny colored dots appear here and there… and sometimes faces, people.
The most curious fact is that I can make them appear and even look closer, to a certain point that I could see them with a chirurgical precision.
You’re telling me I was skrying and I didn’t even know?
So I could call a spirit by this way and improve my astral senses?