Scrying using clouds?

Has anyone else had the idea to use the clouds as a manifestation base for scrying? If so, which is probably more potent, just seeing shapes in regular puffy clouds (like how kids daydream and see shapes in the clouds), or in stormy weather? I say stormy since there would be the added bonus of having water as a base

I’ve never thought of using clouds before, but when I was younger I used to love laying flat on the ground during the summer, on days either clear or partially cloudy, and just gaze. It provided a wonderful canvas for the visual mind to play upon.

Using the associated symbolism of water would be a good way to connect with the subconscious, especially with air so involved in the movement of the clouds, a good mixture of conscious mind and subconscious mind.

For some reason in ancient times it was an extermely forbidden practice. Knock yourself out.

Huh! I never knew that… I do wonder why…

Would you happen to know that reason, or have a theory? Which culture/s expressly forbade it? You can post a teaser like that and not expect questions! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve only seen a swirling of dark clouds like If an entity was going to manifest. Later that night I channeled Asmodeus for like 2 seconds. Than that was all.

Would you happen to know that reason, or have a theory? Which culture/s expressly forbade it? You can post a teaser like that and not expect questions! :P[/quote]

The reason is very simple! It was forbidden because it is a highly frustrating art!

You ever tried to move and shape clouds with your mind? Ever laid yourself down on the grass to stare intently at the sky whilst forcing your will upon the aerial element?

You ever wondered why at some times you could, but try as you might could never reproduce those results?

Well now think what would happen if you relax trying to flare up your inspiration… And all you get is the horrifying impression that the clouds are actually rearranging themselves in the shape of big smoky dicks.


  • But no, just kidding, I have no idea. But empyrean93 rises a fair point. Congrats on catching the dragons, man!

Highly forbidden?

These being the Ancient days when people were fully allowed to do any obscene actions on December 17th(Saturnalia),priests were allowed to kill whoever they wanted,leaving children on their own was a constant thing,etc.

Yet trying to find some sort of meaning in the shapes of clouds was forbidden?

Well,if you want any proof that ethics are subjective,there you have it.

Yes. Clouds are good for scrying. I would recommend that you do focus work inside a dwelling…perhaps even automatic drawing…see how much energy you can drill up before going outside. If there is clouds see about making some reflections of that…or even photograph. Cloud/wind work is one of the oldest ways of divination…I know of masterful sorcerers who can make clouds dissappear with their own will…aswell create ones out of the blue. I’ve also heard of experiences of clouds descending upon people. Rain clouds on a sunny day are more favorite. In Amsterdam 2006 I observed about 6 rainbows and numerous entities of wind’s nature playing around in a rose garden…as a lightly falling rain came down.

If interested in these sciences look into the work of Wilhelm Reich. Trevor Constable continued his work. There’s also a VERY interesting book called Researches in Atmospheric Phenomena from 1804 that has VERY occult information. Concerning the makers of clouds.