So I was using my cell phone as A Scrying mirror just now and I saw these tiny points of Light appear as I relaxed my gaze. They were fading in and out.

Thats all well and good, but aint I suppose to see a white fog next?

The Dots of Light consistently appear and Fade out for as long as i continue to scry. The room may start spinning slightlythen it abruptly stops spinning.

It seems I reach a limit with how far I can get into TGS. How do I move past this to get to the Visions/Spirit behind all this shit?

I relax as much as I can and Focus on my breath and I know and can feel there is a Limit to how much I can get into trance. If I go past that, It feels like my bones are grinding against one another lol.

And no, letting go didnt help. It kept me stuck there :joy::joy::joy:


Don’t let any thoughts come through while delving deeper into trance states, it’s vital to have a blank mind.