Scrying techniques

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I want to start to learn to scry more In details but before that I want to hear from you guys who are into it or those who already had success on it…

So can someone give me some techniques on how to achieve this successful and easily…

Thanks in advance…


The “spirits, Evocation and Possession” section seems the wrong place for a thread on scrying so I’m gonna move it to the Divination section.

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I don’t know much about that…I just thought since scrying is the technique to be used in both evocations and divination so I think it can be on any thread…

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The topics listed under the divination title include scrying so it made more sense here than under “spirits, evocation and possession,” because, although it can be used in evocation, it is not itself an evocation technique.

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Okay then can you contribute a little on the topic …!!?

I use a bowl of water. I get into trance, and allow the visions to surface in my mind and then structure them upon the water.


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You’re welcome. I have also used fire scrying, which is the same technique but you are gazing into flames. I saw some nymphs dancing :blush:

I was following EA’s Divination course, which covers scrying in depth. I’ve never scried into blood though.


Here is a technique that will help you develop scrying skills. It is taken from Christopher Penczak’s book Instant Magick, with some adaptations of my own:

1: Relax your body with some form of progressive relaxation. I use EA’s cloud exercise where you visualize a warm, silver cloud moving over your body, absorbing all the tension, and then let the cloud dissolve into the Earth. Use whatever method you like.

2: Get into an alpha level trance or deeper via preferred method. I like to use a countdown self-hypnosis technique, but any method to get into trance will work.

3: Once in trance, close your eyes if they are not already closed, bring your awareness to your breath, and let your mind settle. When scrying, you don’t want your monkey chatter to interfere or your mind to impose its own ideas of what it thinks you want to see.

4: When you mind is settled, bring your focus from your breath to the area just in front of you (your eyes are still closed), Once you have focused on the area just in front of you, create a mirror with your will and energy. See this mirror take whatever shape you want, in whatever size you prefer. See its reflective surface. Solidify this in your mind.

Note: You don’t have to use a mirror, that is simply what I use. You can create a crystal ball, a puddle of water, a blazing fire, whatever reflective surface you want. Christopher Penzcak said that he initially learned the technique with a gem embedded in the left hand, so whatever device you want to create will work.

5: Once you have created your device, solidly in your mind, ask your questions and let the images take form in the reflective surface. The images may be symbolic and require interpretation, or they may be literal, but they will be symbols and images personal to you.

6: Once you have asked your questions and received the images, deconstruct your scrying device. See it dissolve back into the ether from which you created it.

7: Bring yourself up out of trance, and WRITE DOWN what you saw. Don’t try to interpret the images right away. Give yourself some time to process them.

This technique will help build the foundations of astral vision and will be of great aid to you when you move on to more traditional tools.


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