Scrying Techniques for Begginers

Hey there!
What are some good scrying techniques for begginers and generally, any techiques you’ve tried?
I know it’s typically done by staring on a black mirror or a black bowl full of water, but I think that there are definetely other ways too. I remember once I was just lying down on my bed, staring at the ceiling without thinking anything in specific, I was kinda “lost” in my own head, and then images started popping up. But later on, when I tried doing this again I didn’t seem to be able to get in that state and my eyes were getting watery (i think i was forgetting to blink). I don’t know if what I did the first time was scrying tho

Have you tried doing a search? I know there are threads available with different techniques.

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Yes that’s what I’m doing right now
Maybe I’m wrong cause I’m a newbie but I haven’t seen another thread with many techniques gathered. Only one that was abourt unusual methods of scrying, that contained mostly personal experiences.
Anyway, I thought it would be nice to have a thread where techniques are gathered together. :smile:

See, that’s the thing though. There is only one actual technique for scrying, and once you learn how to open your scrying vision, you can literally scry into anything. The surfaces may change, but the technique remains the same. There is absolutely no difference between scrying into a black mirror, a bowl of water, blood, motor oil, a leafy bush, or the flower pattern on a carpet.


Ohh so one can literally scry into anything once they learn the techique which is the same for everyone. Maybe then I did scrying on the ceiling that time, but unintesionaly.
Okay, so since there’s only one way I’ll do more research and then practise it so I’ll be able to do it again
Thank you!

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Use the search function

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